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Security Tips


Security at Home :


•    Never leave your doors open or unlocked.
•    Fit your front and back door with security gates (metal grills) for added protection.
•    Don’t work in your backyard with your front door unlocked.
•    Never open the door to strangers, no matter what excuse they have for calling on you.
•    A peep-hole and safety chain will allow you to identify strangers without endangering yourself.
•    If you are in doubt, play it safe, never allow the strangers in.
•    A bright outside light is a good deterrent to potential burglars.
•    Make sure the number of your home is well signposted. This will help medical personnel or police in the event of an emergency.
•    Never hide your keys under pot-plants, mats or in your post box If you live alone, ask your friends, or family to phone you regularly.



Security in the Street :


•    When going out leave your valuables at home.
•    Never carry more cash than you need.
•    Don’t walk in deserted or dark areas alone.
•    Carry your bag close to your body.
•    Keep your change in your purse or wallet and credit cards and notes in an inside pocket, never in the back pocket of your trousers.
•    If you are robbed in the street, stay calm and cooperate with the police. By fighting back you will get hurt. Be observant so that you can          give maximum information to the police.



Security in Public Transport :

•    Avoid waiting at deserted terminals, wait in well-lit areas.
•    Stand close to others who are waiting for the transport.
•    In a bus or train, be aware of people who look or act suspiciously, raise alarm if need be.
•    If transport is partially empty, sit as close to the driver as possible.
•    When you reach the destination, take note of who leaves with you.
•    you are being followed rush to nearest building and ask for help.



Security in your Car :


•    Make sure your car is in good condition so that you are not stranded in empty streets.
•    Don’t leave package or personal item in full view on car seats, lock them in the boot.
•    Keep your doors locked and windows closed while driving.
•    Park your car in a well-lit area at night.
•    Never pick up hitch-hikers.
•    Beware of strangers who approach you at traffic lights.
•    If you are being followed, drive to the nearest police station.
•    If you are threatened, blow the horn continually.



Security while Shopping :


•    Never leave your handbag or purse in your trolley, even if it obscured by goods.
•    Never place your wallet or handbag on the counter and then move away even for a few seconds.
•    Beware of pickpockets, bag snatchers in shopping malls.
•    Do not keep your wallet or purse in a visible side or back pocket.



General :


    Criminals know when pensions are due. So arrange for your pension to be paid into your bank or building society account.

•    Ask for help in danger and always wait for the help to arrive.
•    Keep your emergency numbers close at hand so that you have them available in the event of an emergency (neighbours, your doctor, the 

       fire brigade, ambulance, police, close relative)



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